Who We Are

The North Shore (city and districts of North & West Vancouver), a vibrant posh area of Metro Vancouver is a home of few hundred Muslim families and growing. Centrally situated with conveniently located to serve not only the needs of the local community, but also those of Muslims residing in Horseshoe Bay & Squeamish area
Few years ago a group of faithful dedicated and devoted Muslims of North Shore had to resort to rented space to perform Jummah prayer. It was an Islamic Centre is to establish congregational salah, Guidance & learning; to provide a place of promote unity; to provide forums for communicating community counseling and support. The North Shore Islamic Centre will always stand as the centre of faith and it is our hope that North Shore Islamic Centre will become a resource center of all Muslims who choose to worship there. North Shore Islamic Centre’s congregation is the practical example of multiculturalism and Muslim Brotherhood. There are Mussaliz originally from Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Bosnia, Turkey, Singapore, Fiji etc. We are currently using a rented room of a Rec. Centre for our Jummah prayer as well as Taraweeh salah during the month of Ramadan. It is a temporary makeshift Musallah. We are in need of a permanent place that will accommodate 5 times prayers along with Quran teaching and small library facility.
With generous help of many of the faithful we have to buy a piece of land or an old building for the above purpose. Alhamdulillah, for this we are truly thankful. We are appealing for your financial support. Remember that your support secures not only the funds to build the Islamic centre to day but ensures a spiritual home for North shore’s Muslim Community for generations to come. Moreover, your contribution will yield dividends in the hereafter. Currently Jummah prayer is held at the Karen Magnusson Rec. Center, located at 2300 Kirkstone Road, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver (one block East of Lynn Valley Road and Kirkstone Road intersection)